We provide a Harvest Home graduation ceremony for each resident upon completion of the program to honor the individual achievements of each graduate. Graduation ceremonies are open to all who want to support these women who have worked so hard to accomplish their goals. The graduation is a celebration with church family, professional speakers, a dinner, live music, dance performances, and testimonies of each woman graduating. These are some of the stories from the frontlines our recent graduates have shared.

Deliver me; rescue me Oh Lord …Then our daughters will be like pillars, stable and unbreakable. From Psalm 144


“I grew up in a children’s home and battled addictions to alcohol, and crack cocaine for 20 years. I am a survivor of domestic violence and rape and was enslaved to a life of prostitution. I was incarcerated twice and tried everything to break my addictions including AA and NA multiple times. God graciously led me to the Harvest Home upon my release from Taycheedah Correctional Institution. Through Frontline Harvest Ministry and my time at the Harvest Home, I have experienced structure, life skills, financial stewardship, accountability, emotional support, and guidance, to live productively as a woman in recovery. I believe God brought me to Harvest Home knowing this place would foster a safe environment for me to open up and begin to heal. I am changed from the inside out. I graduated in 2023 from the Harvest Home Recovery Discipleship program. I have been restored to my four daughters and can now be the present mother I’ve always wanted to be!”


“My mother passed away when I was two, and never met my dad. I was molested as a child for years and felt unheard, hopeless, and unloved. I turned to the streets and drugs and prostitution to feel loved. After being in prison three times, and trying seven different treatments, I was in jail again. There I heard Jesus call me and I put my faith in Him. I was released into the Harvest Home where Jesus transformed my life and His word set me free. It was a miracle the judge approved the Harvest Home program instead of sending me back to jail. At Harvest Home, I learned I’m loved, taught new coping skills, how not to return to old patterns of thinking, and how to set healthy boundaries that radically changed my relationships. I graduated from the Harvest Home and Discipleship Recovery program in 2023 and am currently in full-time school for AODA counseling, mentoring women at Harvest Home, and supporting women at Golden House who suffer from domestic violence issues. I’m no longer who I once was.”

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“I moved around a lot and grew up around people out for themselves. Struggling with substance abuse with marijuana, I continued to try to fill a void. I knew something was missing. I went to prison and tried many different programs. Facing more jail time, I met Sarah. I was in a dark, hopeless place and found some peace through her prayer. She met with me in jail to read scriptures and there I found my faith in Jesus Christ. Upon release, I went to Harvest Home Residential Discipleship Recovery program where I found family, support, healing, peace, a new understanding of how to build a life in Christ, along with practical life skills. This experience reset my thinking, and I began to make different life choices. Today I have my children back, I’m sober, have my own place to live, graduated with an HSED, and completed my welding certificate. I continue to go to the aftercare services, attend Bible study, and continue discipleship and accountability with Frontline Harvest Ministry. My life has changed forever.”


“I was 17, homeless, living on the streets, enslaved to drugs, My child was taken into Foster Care. Frontline Harvest Ministry accepted me into the Harvest Home. There, I found truth and answers. I accepted Jesus and learned how to live a life to honor Him. Today, I am 22. I have my own place; my children are with me. I continue to seek the Lord and grow in faith. I am living to be the best mom I can and follow God’s purposes for my life!”


“I was raised on the south side of Chicago. Had a rough childhood where mom and dad were alcoholics. My mom passed when I was 18. I struggled with drugs, abusive relationships, homelessness, and looking for love and meaning in the wrong places and ways. I met Sarah and she led me to Jesus, I eventually moved into the Harvest Home and found a family that loved me and helped me become the woman I am today! I’m equipped, and delivered, now have a consistent job, have been sober for eight years, and serve as an assistant in the Harvest Home. I’m more fulfilled than I’ve ever been!”


I found my mother dead after an overdose suicide, growing up I was sexually molested repeatedly, And I have suffered domestic violence, and I was stabbed, in an out of jail, suffered from addiction to meth and severe trauma. After entering the harvest home discipleship recovery program, I have surrendered my life to Jesus, been grounded in my new identity in Christ, found healing through the many learning opportunities and mentoring, I’ve been given amazing Support, love, safety acceptance Which has been a gift to me. Today I’m a member of Christ the Rock church De Pere, volunteering at Harvest Home, I’m going to be entering in college and starting up my own t-shirt business.


I found myself living a destructive lifestyle with drugs abusive relationships led me to being human trafficked and I ended up in jail with no hope, lost, full of guilt and shame. At 28 years old I was accepted to go to harvest home from jail to go to the harvest home discipleship recovery program and it changed my life, I was able to learn find answers, skills, true hope, freedom and healing and newfound relationship with Jesus Christ. Today I have a job, I’m also interning to be staff at harvest home, I’m starting to go to school for biblical counseling, a member of Christ the Rock church De Pere and I’m more fulfilled than I’ve ever been.

Peggy Sue

I was adopted, my birth parents’ rights were taken because of prostitution and drugs and allowing me and my siblings to be sexually abused which led me to a life poor choice, jail, homelessness. I entered the harvest home, and I experienced a safe place to heal and grow and I’ve never looked back. Today I have my own place hold a job and serve with frontline harvest ministry with childcare and a member of Christ the Rock church De Pere


I got a call that my child’s father was murdered I turned to alcohol, tried other drugs, lived a promiscuous lifestyle, and made some regretful choices like abortion. I was accepted to enter harvest home discipleship recovery program that was life changing and rebuilt my life to live out my dreams and stand complete. Today I have my own home, I’m independent, a member of Christ the Rock church De Pere and continue serving with frontline.