Residential Services at Harvest Home

Crisis Intervention: Urgent care is given to an individual within our scope of intervention through biblical counseling, safety planning, recovery planning, and other tools to aid in preventing the downward spiral of maladaptive behaviors and return to pre-crisis function.

Advocacy: Support services such as safety planning, emotional support, personal advocacy, information, and referrals, educating on resources, crisis response, and assistance depending on individual needs. Crisis response emergency assistance including transportation, food, ID, P.O. Boxes, court support, emotional support, medical appointments, information resources, and referrals.

Legal advocacy: Accompany a resident to court, reporting to DOC, legal documentation, character letters, case processes, and help with carrying out legal stipulations. Advocacy regarding child protective services and offer guidance and support to follow through on all requirements and understanding information.

Harvest Home Discipleship Recovery Program: Serving women released from incarceration, and recovery and survivors with aftercare for reentry. Providing a supportive environment to develop stability and rebuild a healthy and productive life through our intervention efforts leads to healing, freedom, and sustainable recovery.

Education: Provide classes, bible studies, discipleship, biblical counseling, and outreaches to the community. Give tools to address life issues and addiction. Helping women break free from destructive behaviors created by unhealthy patterns of thinking and teaching new ways biblically to make decisions along with processing emotions that result in different life choices bringing restoration to their lives.

Community Partnerships: Teach prevention, assist in identifying those who are being victimized, and reach out. Equip with proven approaches and interventions using collaborative efforts for giving and receiving referrals and connecting those in need to the right community resources.

Outreaches: We engage the community through evangelism efforts, events in parks, resource centers/fairs, and street and neighborhood outreach. Connecting women to other resources and programming to meet basic needs and what will help accomplish personal goals.

Jail and Prison Outreach: Connecting women to needed resources and programming to meet basic needs, assessment/interviewing, and what will help accomplish personal goals while incarcerated, and when they are released. Providing possible transportation from jail to Harvest Home and providing emergency hygiene packages. Providing an opportunity to establish a healthy community while incarcerated. Teaching on intentionally chosen topics while sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

We serve women in state and federal prisons, and jails while incarcerated we correspond with our clients regularly. We provide mentorship, encouraging letters, prayers, resources, encouragement, visitation, education, and encouraging information. When released we connect with them to offer intake and the opportunity to move forward with the Harvest Home Program.

Professional Awareness Presentations: We educate on subjects and provide information to the community about the efforts of Frontline Harvest Ministry to eradicate sex trafficking and substance abuse here in Brown County. Awareness aids in reducing recidivism. Community presentations, church presentations, business presentations, and Harvest Home Tours. Presentations for businesses/agencies, schools, and churches are available at request.

Needs for the home

Monetary Donations

Walmart cards

SuperValu grocery cards

Gift Cards for awards

Kwik Trip gas cards

Bottles of Advil


Electric blankets

Bus passes


Volunteer Opportunities


Social Media


Childcare Mentors


Professional Skills

Carpentry and Trades

“Frontline Harvest Ministry gives women a safe place to heal and recover from their past while finding freedom in Christ. I have firsthand seen God’s transformation in so many women within this ministry.  They come to Frontline as broken shadows of themselves and through God’s healing and grace, they become bright and joyous individuals, with a light that shines bright for the Lord and His kingdom!” – Holly Nurse/Group discipler/leader/teacher

“Participants in our programs have been given the opportunity to volunteer at Harvest Home which assists them with meeting their goals in life and moving them towards their dreams.”  –Kevin, Forward Service Corp