Our Approach

Our harvest home residence, select women who desire to be set free from current lifestyles, through the healing and salvation of Jesus. Women from all walks of life seeking freedom coming out of jail, prostitution, sex trafficking, addictions and abuse, and other traumas want to change their lives we hope the Harvest Home can be an opportunity for them for a new start. The home provides deeper love, commitment, and accountability, to equip women with Godly habits, while they adjust to a new lifestyle. Harvest Home operates on an emergency, front-line basis. Harvest Home program is typically 12 months or 6 months tailored to each woman’s goals with daily structured programming 10 am – 8 pm. That means providing food, clothing, shelter, safety, and prayer, as needs arise on a 24-hour on-call basis. We can support eight women at a time as they work through the recovery program.

Harvest Home provides structure, accountability, and support, in a home-like environment. We strive to create a family environment that many of our residents have never experienced. Residents enjoy family dinners, fun sober-supportive activities such as concerts, outings to places like the Botanical Gardens, Heritage Hill, Titletown, and Bay Beach, movies, the Farmers Market, and more. This helps them normalize healthy living and see it modeled in real-time.

Graduate stats:

Sobriety 75%

remain sober and substance-free 8-20 months post-graduation

Relationships 90%

Graduates reported that their relationships with their families improved and reconciled

Reduced Recidivism 89%

Graduates reported no new legal problems after graduation

Our clients have access to a free clothing boutique, hygiene, items, toiletries, and books to help them change and grow. Harvest Home offers recovery groups and biblical cognitive behavioral training through counseling. Residents have access to a clinical therapist if needed to facilitate healing. Harvest Home offers one-on-one appointments, meetings, and sessions in a safe space for interviews, intake assessments, presentations, education, bible study classes, recovery groups, biblical counseling, discipleship, groups, training, and art therapy.

Needs for the home

Monetary Donations

Walmart cards

SuperValu grocery cards

Gift Cards for awards

Kwik Trip gas cards

Bottles of Advil


Electric blankets

Bus passes


Volunteer Opportunities


Social Media


Childcare Mentors


Professional Skills

Carpentry and Trades