The Harvest Home

We work with women survivors who are in recovery of any kind. We meet them where they are and walk alongside them on their journey to healing and restoration. Harvest Home is geared toward restoring what has been lost in the evil and violence of trafficking and addiction. Through a trauma-informed, holistic, faith-based approach, our team is helping women heal and achieve hundreds of personal goals. Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed to the full mental, emotional, and spiritual healing of each survivor.

Research shows women who have been exploited rarely self-identify as victims. It isn’t until the abuse has stopped and they enter a new environment that they are able to realize the severity of their situations. Harvest Home provides a place where women feel safe to work through the trauma of the past and rebuild a healthy future on their own terms. We address the gap of women involved with addiction, human trafficking, incarceration, and the prevention of reoffending.

The complex relationship between addiction and both labor and sex trafficking is recognized by the United States criminal justice system. Successfully prosecuted cases have proven that the role of substance use disorder in human trafficking is powerful and pervasive; addiction can increase a person’s vulnerability to being trafficked, can be initiated and manipulated by the trafficker as a means of coercion and control, and can be used by the victim/survivor as a means of coping with the physical and psychological traumas of being trafficked both during captivity and after exiting the trafficking situation. People with substance use issues are especially vulnerable to trauma and victimization by human traffickers. The Harvest Home residential recovery program not only addresses the trauma of human trafficking but also the trauma from addiction issues that play a role in influencing the higher vulnerability of being re-victimized. Statistics tell us that 80% of survivors are at risk of being revictimized if they do not have adequate aftercare services.

Harvest Home provides a safe, supportive, and therapeutic setting in a sober environment for women in addiction, human trafficking, or recently released from incarceration. Harvest Home helps women overcome destructive life patterns to find hope, and stability, which allows them to rebuild their life, reclaim a stolen identity, welcome community, and find healing. When they leave Harvest Home they can live fulfilled lives, find new purpose, and become successful members of society.

The recently purchased and remodeled Harvest Home features eight beds, bathrooms, a full kitchen, and laundry. The home is safely unrecognizable and offers convenient access to bus and transit lines, making access to jobs easier for residents.

Needs for the home

Monetary Donations

Walmart cards

SuperValu grocery cards

Gift Cards for awards

Kwik Trip gas cards

Bottles of Advil


Electric blankets

Bus passes


Volunteer Opportunities


Social Media


Childcare Mentors


Professional Skills

Carpentry and Trades

“I struggled with drugs, abusive relationships, homelessness, and looking for love and meaning in the wrong places and ways. I eventually moved into the Harvest Home and found a family that loved me and helped me become the woman I am today! I’m equipped, and delivered, now have a consistent job, and have been sober for eight years.”  – Delia, Harvest Home Graduate


“I battled addictions to alcohol, and crack cocaine for 20 years. I am a survivor of domestic violence, rape, and prostitution. I was incarcerated twice and tried everything to break my addictions. God brought me to Harvest Home to open up and begin to heal. I am restored to my four daughters and can now be the woman and mother I’ve always wanted to be!”  – Lorie, Harvest Home Graduate

“I was 17, homeless, living on the streets, enslaved to drugs, My child was taken into Foster Care. Frontline Harvest Ministry accepted me into the Harvest Home. There, I found truth and answers.” – Asia, Harvest Home Graduate


“Harvest Home Discipleship Recovery program offers hope to women who are facing the hopeless future they have come to experience.  Sarah takes that hope, and adds structure and a loving environment, which can result in a life impacted for eternity.” – Rick Good News Jail Ministry