Hands & Feet Dance Team

Sarah knows first-hand what is like to be trapped in circumstances that place young girls in morally compromising situations. Hands and Feet Dance Team helps to bring healing and transformation so that at-risk girls ages 6-18 can take the gospel and love of Jesus back to their community through community outreach and youth events. Hands and Feet Dance Team is all about Jesus and includes Bible memorization, choreography, worship, and praise music so young girls can share the new love they have for Jesus with others.  Frontline Harvest Ministries schedules practices, trips, and events, and involves families in the development of each member on the dance team. Girls commit to serving God on the dance team as they learn what it means to serve others in the community. Hands and Feet Dance Team serves in churches, schools, nursing homes, and out in the community so our girls can dance and bring joy through the message of the Gospel.

Hands and Feet Dance Team is always looking for volunteers to help with thinks like Bible Study, leadership, mentoring, transportation, sewing, cooking and decorating.

For more information about how you can get involved with Hands and Feet Dance Team, connect with Sarah at Sarah@frontlineharvestministry.org

Needs for the home

Monetary Donations

Walmart cards

SuperValu grocery cards

Gift Cards for awards

Kwik Trip gas cards

Bottles of Advil


Electric blankets

Bus passes


Volunteer Opportunities


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Childcare Mentors


Professional Skills

Carpentry and Trades

“Hands and Feet Dance Team touched so many people with the presence of God through their music, dances, and the Scriptures they shared.” – Community Member

“Frontline Harvest Ministries Hands and Feet Dance Team has been a blessing to so many children and families. Performing at many different venues while bringing the love and truth of Jesus.” – Klyn

“Hands and Feet Dance Team is an amazing ministry to young girls who need the hope and love of Christ to help them navigate their lives. ” – Community Member

“These girls don’t often have an opportunity to find beauty and hope through something artistic like dance. Seeing the way these girls’ lives are transformed from their time in Hands and Feet Dance Ministry is truly a beautiful thing. ” – Mother of a dancer

Frontline Harvest ministry/harvest home provides a safe, welcoming, and loving environment for women who have experienced trauma. Staff and volunteers work together with participants toward their healing from the inside out; spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Together we witness the ashes of their lives turn into beauty and joy!” – Debbie, Harvest Home Group Leader