Meet Our Partners

Frontline Harvest Ministry and Harvest Home are grateful for these local partnerships. Together we can work to fight the impact of sexual abuse, exploitation, and addiction in our community. For more information about partnering with Frontline Harvest Ministry and Harvest Home, please contact Sarah at, or call 920-366-6988.


“Crisis Cafe is so thankful for Frontline Ministries. We are able to confidently reach out to Sarah and her staff for assistance in the area of Biblical addiction recovery. Sarah’s Bible study, mentoring, biblical counseling, and Harvest Home discipleship recovery program have also been great tools for ladies we know who are looking to be free from the chains of addiction. We love serving along with Frontline Harvest Ministry in this community as we bring those who don’t know Jesus to a saving knowledge of Him.” 

“In my experience of working with Harvest Home and Frontline Harvest ministry, I can see their staff is dedicated to understanding the trauma histories of the individuals they serve. This understanding helps enrich the impact they can have on those individuals immensely. They want to know how they can best show up for these individuals in a compassionate loving way in order to provide the best possible outcome for people who have been chronically hurt”. – Joanne, Foundations

“It was clear to me that God wanted me to partner with Frontline Harvest ministry/ Harvest Home and encourage my church(Harvest Community Church) to come alongside. It is not easy for these women to break the cycles of addiction and bondage, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, God is using Frontline Harvest ministry and harvest home. , along with others who partner with them to see long-lasting change.” – Monica Leach, Harvest Community Church

“A partnership with Frontline means the women Dear Dinah is blessed to serve are now given an even greater network and connection with life-giving relationships as they continue their journey towards freedom.”  – Mandy Reed – Founder & Executive Director, Dear Dinah


” Sarah, Shawnta, and Chevy extend a compassionate hand, offering a safe haven in a therapeutic and sober environment. They forge a path toward holistic recovery, integrating a nurturing, faith-driven approach. This alliance provides a safe place to live and fosters resilience, empowering these women to reclaim their lives, restore their dignity, and embark on a journey towards renewed hope and a brighter future.” – Willow Creek Behavioral Health


“Family and Childcare Resource of N.E.W is grateful to partner with Frontline Harvest Home to provide Triple P Positive Parenting classes and support to the women proceeding through their life journey.”  – Karla, Family and Childcare Resource of N.E.W